Security Consultancy

About Us

Elite Tracks, LLC is comprehensive US military veteran-owned consultancy firm based in Mogadishu that specializes in the areas of Security/Political Consultancy, Strategic Support, Capacity Development and Conflict Assessment. Our staff are drawn from veterans of the Global War against Terrorism and have served with distinction and courage. We pride ourselves with our professionalism, depth of knowledge and experience in high intensity and dangerous environments.

Elite Tracks, LLC has a comprehensive understanding of Somalia and how to navigate the country in all its complexity. Our staff have worked within Somalia for years, both at the non-government and government sectors. We have a unique understanding of the bureaucratic impediments and structural problems that exist in Somalia. Over the years, we have accrued a broad network of contacts because we value relationships and maintain those connections in the long term. We intend to utilize those connections and our knowledge of the country to offer better solutions for both our clients and for Somalia.  At Elite Tracks, LLC, we are all about growth. We invest immense amount of time and energy in developing staff capacity and exploring new innovative ways to develop our services better. Our team of professionals have background in military and public policy and well equipped to guide our clients through the uncertainties and discrepancies of Somalia.

Elite Tracks, LLC aims to provide unparalleled consultancy and advisory services. We are dedicated to excellence and guided by a strong commitment to a well-embedded culture of integrity and trust. We are committed to providing dynamic and multi-dimensional services that satisfies the needs and expectations of our clients.